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Our Why

To inspire business owners to take ACTION so that together we grow and build a legacy.
innovative finance director


In the best interest of our clients at ALL times. Always open, honest and humble.
innovative finance director


Tell the story of the numbers. Use them to inform and challenge. Measure what matters.
innovative finance director


Keep our minds open to new possibilities. Share knowledge to reach higher goals.
innovative finance director


Challenge the established rules. Introducing new ideas and methods and embracing change.


Focus on mission, purpose, values and targets. Avoiding the “shiny stuff”.
never stop learning finance director

Never Stop Learning

Be curious. Never think we know it all. Always ready to learn something new.

Hello! I’m Barry Hynd. First of all, I don't like to call myself an accountant.

Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE accountants but I see accounting as part of the skills I have rather than the end result. I consult and I coach and I give direct and honest opinions. I’m not trying to be something to everyone but brave enough to be different.

About Barry Hynd

Hours in Agencies
10 plus years of working exclusively in digital agencies. Doing what I know works!
Weekly UTE Reports
Consistently growing agency revenues and profit margins. Helping to invest for the future.
Helping to understand how to motivate, inspire and help people realise their potential.
My story

Successful Finance Director working exclusively with digital agencies

I’ve been a beancounter all of my career.

It all started at the ripe old age of 11 when I could recite up to the eleven times table in under a minute! (don’t ask me to do it now but that’s where my love for numbers began).

I learned to understand that finance and numbers were the language of business and that I was pretty good at telling the story.

I’m someone who believes that you build a business through its people. Numbers simply allow you to track the progress.

I cut my teeth in manufacturing and vehicle rental before finding the wonderful world of digital agencies.

I’ve enjoyed significant success with a number of different agencies working IN their businesses alongside their leadership teams.

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