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cashflow excel template

Cash Flow Excel Template [Free Download]

We all know the cash is king just now so I’ve decided to build a very basic cashflow excel template. If you’re a business owner ...
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top digital podcasts for business

My Top Digital Agency Podcasts

I’m a HUGE fan of podcasts and I utilise them alot whilst travelling etc. I believe wholeheartedly in lifelong learning and try to take every ...
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Entrepreneurial Operating System

The Entrepreneurial Operating System | What is EOS?

EOS®, the Entrepreneurial Operating System®, is a complete set of simple and practical tools to help entrepreneurs get what they want from their businesses. Implementing ...
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How can a part-time Finance Director help my business

How can a part-time FD help my business?

For many small, entrepreneurial businesses that want to focus on growth, hiring an experienced Finance Director (FD) can seem out of reach. The average cost of ...
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pleo expenses

PLEO – Expenses just got easier!

It’s fair to say that managing employee expenses in ANY business can become very time-consuming very quickly! At Finance Cornerstone we’re huge supporters of giving ...
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7 Ways to Improve Your Business Cashflow

7 Ways to Improve Your Business Cashflow

Especially at times like these, one of the biggest challenges businesses face is keeping track of their finances and maintaining cashflow. It’s an issue every ...
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