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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer fixed fee agreements?

Yes! All of our engagements are always quoted and agreed in advance of commencing any work and tailored to your specific needs. This means there never any surprises!

What's your typical length of enagagement?

Every piece of work is different. Projects can last from just a few days to an ongoing retained service. Our aim is to add value and, to be frank, if we’re not adding value then we wont charge you!

How long does it take to implement EOS into a business?

There is no fixed timescale but typically you should allow 18 – 24 months for the process to be fully embedded and adopted across your business.

What happens on a discovery call?

A discovery call is just a chat and really nothing to be scared of!

It’s an opportunity for me to learn a little more about you and your business and what you are trying to achieve.

It’s also useful for you to learn a bit about me and how I work 🙂

How do we get in touch to move things forward?

That’s reall easy! Simply fill in the form to the right >  > > > > laughing

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