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My Top Digital Agency Podcasts

top digital podcasts for business

I’m a HUGE fan of podcasts and I utilise them alot whilst travelling etc. I believe wholeheartedly in lifelong learning and try to take every opportunity to learn new things.

Podcasts are big business these days with everyone from celebrities to academics jumping on this new trend.

So to help you I’m curating a list of my very favourite podcasts right here in this post.

So without further a-do

2 BOBS- David C. Baker & Blair Enns

Conversations on the art of creative entrepreneurship with David C. Baker & Blair Enns

2Bobs is an excellent podcast for anyone in the creative industries and is hosted by David C. Baker and Blair Enns. Blair wrote the amazing book The Win Without Pitching Manifesto which in my opinion should be required reading for any agency owner or leadership team member.

Each episode is around 30-40 minutes in length so they are great for digesting in the car or train whilst travelling to and from work. Full of awesome ideas from two guys who have been there and done it!

My favourite episode of the recent ones is from the 29th of January 2020 called Phase your client engagements where Blair and David (but mostly Blair!) talk about why agencies should get paid for writing proposals. A great listen ?

Build A Better Agency- Drew McLellan

The Build a better agency podcast with Drew McLellan of the Agency Management Institute

The Build a Better Agency Podcast focusses on scaling and growing your agency with better clients, invested employees and a stronger bottom line. It’s hosted by Drew McLellan of The Agency Mangement Institute (which is also a great resource for any digital agency!)

Each podcast is around 45-60 mins long and always ends with some next steps that you can take and implement straight away. A new episode is released each Wednesday with over 200 now being available.

Drew recently spoke about using EOS Traction in digital agencies and it’s definitely worth a listen. Agency Owners | Using Traction to scale and strengthen your agency.

Small Spark Theory by Lucy Mann of Gunpowder Consulting

The Small Spark Theory podcast is all about the small changes we can make (marginal gains) to achieve better business results. It’s focus is primarily on how agencies create new business.

Brought to you by Lucy Mann of Gunpowder Consulting there’s a new episode each month lasting around 30 to 40 minutes.

Lucy recently talked about agency messaging on Episode 36 and discusses the common pitfalls and the opportunities agencies have to express their difference.

My Top Leadership Podcasts

LEADx Leadership Show- Kevin Kruse

The LEADx podcast is where Kevin Kruse interviews top leadership experts about all aspects of leading and influencing in business. You should also check out the LEADx website as it’s a treasure trove of resources and tools!

Most episodes are between 30 and 60 minutes long and there is now nearly 400 epsiodes which typically take an interview format with Kevin speaking to a guest on a 1-2-1 basis.

Positive University- Jon Gordon

The Positive University Podcast by Jon Gordon essentially promotes positivity as the basis for strong leadership. Jon is also the author of the amazing book The Energy Bus which is an awesome read!

Jon’s podcast had just reach the incredible 100 episodes mark which is a great achievement. Most episodes last between 30 and 60 minutes.

Do check out the episode The Power of Servant Leadership which is a great talk between Jon and Ken Blanchard ?

At The Table- Patrick Lencioni

At The Table with Patrick Lencioni is simply about real conversations and practical advice for everyday leaders. It’s just a chat with Pat across a table!

Pat’s the author of one of my favourite books of all time The Five Dysfunctions of a Team and his podcast really just dives deeper into these concepts.

My favourite episode is actually the most recent (at the time of writing) which was recorded live entitled Make Your Meetings Matter.

My Best of the Rest…

WorkLife- Adam Grant

WorkLife by Adam Grant is an awesome podcast produced in association with TED. It’s a series based podcast and has the most amazing production!

WorkLife is all about exploring unusual professionals to discover the keys to a better work life.

Typically 30-45 minutes per episode. Check out The real reason you procrastinate featuring Margaret Attwood ?

So over to you! I’ve given you the very best of what I’m listening to just now.

Got anything to add? Simply drop your favourites in the comments below and don’t forget to check back as I update this post on an ongoing basis.

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