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PLEO – Expenses just got easier!

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It’s fair to say that managing employee expenses in ANY business can become very time-consuming very quickly!

At Finance Cornerstone we’re huge supporters of giving employees autonomy and accountability and that even extends to expenses.

We’ve been fans of PLEO since the very start as it’s a great way of distributing the monotony of receipts and expenses across the entire business and getting everyone bought in to taking ownership for what they spend.

We see being given these cards as a privilege, showing that you trust your employees to make good decisions. And also because we don’t really believe in having ridiculous expense policies where you’re filling in 5 different sheets of paper for a £1.90 bus ticket! (Yeah we’ve all been there :P)

Pleo works seemlessly with various accounting systems (our favourite of which has to be Xero).

From a user perspective as soon as you spend money using the card there’s a ping to your mobile phone on the app ( we did mention there was an app right?!?)

That very reassuring ping means that instantly you can snap a copy of the receipt straight away and add the category of the expenses within the app meaning you won’t lose those receipts and you’ll get some LOVE from your finance team too :P.

Listen to Kasper Sommer from Planday below telling his story of how they use PLEO in their business.

PLEO is about making company expenses easy but that doesn’t mean to say it isn’t robust.

You can set internal spending controls at a user level both for monthly spend and an individual transaction limit – no carribean cruises at the company expense I’m afraid ?

Please be sure to check out PLEO’s YouTube channel where you can read the other customer testimonials and about there amazing journey so far.

We love technology and tools at Finance Cornerstone, especially ones that save you time and that make life that little bit easier.

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