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Outsourced Finance Director for Digital Agencies

Digital agencies are a hive of activity and it’s hard for leadership teams to work ON rather than IN the business. With clients’ needs taking priority, focus on financial targets can easily be lost, to the detriment of profitability and business growth. That’s when an experienced finance director can add tremendous value to your business.

For most growing businesses, the calibre of FD they need is way out of budget. Finance Cornerstone can provide a cost effective solution with the services of an outsourced finance director.

Could your digital agency benefit from an outsourced finance director?

Can you honestly put your hand on your heart and say that you are running your digital agency at peak efficiency?

Do you have an accurate view of your financial data at any given point?

Do you have a clear definition of what success looks like for your company?

If not, then how can you make effective business decisions, maximise your income or make plans for the growth of your company?

If the financial side of your digital agency keeps you awake at night, then it’s time to stop treading water and reach out for the help of a professional. 

Outsourcing finance directors is the secret weapon of many businesses such as yours, allowing them to access high-level expertise for a fraction of the cost of an in-house FD.

Who we work with

Finance Cornerstone provides outsourced finance director services to ambitious, owner-managed businesses in the digital sector. If your digital company turns over between £1m and £10m but you feel you could get more out of your finance function, let’s talk.

What can a finance director do for my agency?

While you are busy acquiring new clients and managing your agency’s output, an outsourced FD can take a step back and assess the bigger picture. We exist to improve the financial health of your business and make sure all parts of your operation is aligned to a set of common goals.

Our outsourced finance director service

As your outsourced FD, we will maintain a laser focus on your financial data to streamline your operations and drive business growth.
We deliver a comprehensive range of finance services to proactively move your business forward – way beyond what your regular accountant could offer!

Implementation of internal systems

Boring, sure, but they are the backbone of your operation and essential to successful financial management.

Annual reporting

It all starts and ends with annual reports. If your annual submission to Companies House is a source of anxiety, then your reporting needs a shake up.

Fully integrated budgeting

Our financial director will help to set robust budgets to ensure your profit and loss, cash flow and balance sheet remain healthy.

KPI setting

Unless you know what success looks like you're shooting in the dark. We will help you establish SMART key performance indicators (KPIs) to keep you on track for success.

Cost management and profit maximisation

If there are leaks, we will find them! We take a proactive approach to minimise your outgoings. With costs under control, we can focus on helping you increase productivity and boost your bottom line.

Regular management information

In order for you to make informed decisions, it's essential to have an accurate and timely view of where you've been, where you are and where you're going. We will establish weekly, monthly and quarterly reports to tell a cohesive story.

Cash flow management

Cash flow management is king. Your business may survive if you don't make a profit, but not if it runs out of cash. We will provide a transparent view of your cost versus revenue to manage the risk of negative cash flow.

Our approach

The benefit of an outsourced financial director is that we’re impartial. Sometimes, it takes someone without personal agenda to come in, take stock and present a realistic view of the bigger picture.

Our financial director will become a rock for the founder/owner(s) and senior executive team, providing advice, guidance and a valuable sounding board.

At Finance Cornerstone, we take a proactive, forward looking approach to help digital businesses reach their full potential.

We have a wealth of experience and expertise not only in the financial sphere, but specifically within digital agencies. We’ve worked with countless businesses such as yours. So we know your world, we know your opportunities and we know the stumbling blocks.

As your finance director, we will make your finances accessible, transparent and a source of driving change to help fulfil your ambitions.

For an initial discussion, please get in touch to book a FREE discovery call. Everything we do is governed by the seven pillars of our PROTECT framework, how does your business measure up?

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